• Alan Latham • 

Alan is a former PWC Consultancy Partner. He now handles assignments such as change management, business recovery and post-acquisition rationalizations, which in plain English, means financial turnarounds, moving away from losses and back to profit.

Expertise: CFO, corporate governance, acquiring or disposing companies, identifying and implementing profitability improvements.

Strengths: Experienced in understanding what it takes to get a business into the shape.

Talk to me about: Turning around current profit performance, how to rapidly introduce change, integrating new acquisitions, selecting and implementing ERP solutions.

• Cora Ford • 

Formerly Director of Group Operations for a Pharmaceutical and Health Food group.  Experienced operational director with excellent project management and general management skills. 

Expertise: Legal contract management and drafting commercial aspects of contracts for final review by your legal advisor.

Strengths: The details and exploring all the things that could go wrong. Mrs Hawk-eye.

Talk to me about: The commercial objectives of a contract, reviewing or drafting the commercial frame-work of contracts. 


Simon is an experienced company director and has worked with large corporations and SMEs over the past 15 years to successfully grow their business, improve sales and develop their people. 

Expertise: Business strategy, leadership, sales performance and employee engagement. 

Strengths: Business mentoring, coaching, business strategy and straight-talking

Talk to me about: How to achieve a fast rate of business growth, strengthen the capabilities and commitment of teams, improve client relationships, team performance, innovation, communication and succession planning for the business


Zingela is made up of a wide network of experts and specialists whom we call upon based on our client's requirements – and importantly, their values. 

Contact us today to discuss how we could help you and your business transition from where you are to where you want to be. 

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• redefining business consultancy• 


Most company directors and leaders say they want an experienced team who can help them achieve more. Just don’t mention business consultants.

We understand, and to be honest, we felt the same.

Zingela was born out of our experience (and frustration) with hiring different types of consulting companies. As company directors and leaders ourselves, we felt that the business consultancy model was broken. But knowing how much objective voices and specialists could help businesses achieve their goals, we set out to change the model.

Zingela sits at the cross-section of business consultancy, coaching and non-executive directorship – focused on action and making things happen, we work with you to overcome challenges, accelerate growth, exit your business and increase value. All whilst improving your organisation's resilience and bottom-line. 



We’re on a mission to redefine business consultancy and create a model that works effectively for SMEs.

Here’s how we do things differently:

  • You work with a trusted business mentor who challenges and supports you to see the bigger picture – giving you honest feedback (not just what you want to hear) and highlights any blind spots.

  • You retain control of your business decisions and who you work with – your mentor holds you accountable to doing what you need to do to get the result you want.

  • You set out the company vision and we help you create the route map for getting there – and assist you in staying focused on your priorities, building intrinsic value in your business along the way.

  • We only work in the gaps. You use the talent, skills and resources you have in-house and bring in expertise only when required – either to carry out the work or develop your team (thus only paying for the services you really need).

  • You develop a long-term relationship with a company and specialist team that understands the bigger picture, works together to connect the dots and help you execute the detail.

  • We believe that planning is important, but so is creating the right climate for achievement and delivery. Informed decisions and action replace lengthy documents.