CASE STUDY: Developing people to increase business value



It took a London-based facilities management company 12 years to reach a turnover of £28 million from their start-up – and then just 3 years to reach the £70 + million turnover. Whilst acquiring other businesses, this company has been focussed on improving business performance by delivering real value to their customers – as defined by the client – and they did this by developing the skills of their leaders and managers. 


Working alongside the leaders of the business (and following a skill-needs analysis workshop to clarify assumptions), Simon and his team created an intensive, highly-practical, bespoke development programme for their leaders and managers that would deliver upon their objectives which were, in summary:

  • Drive further business development and improved business performance by: listening and really understanding all stakeholders; delivering innovative solutions; using high impact communication skills.

  • Delivering improved performance through teams by: developing and using leadership skills; embedding effective listening, creativity and communication into the everyday work environment; creating a climate for high performance.

  • Developing personal confidence, capability and application.

Participants have to evidence to their line-managers application of the tools, skills and behaviours learnt throughout the programme – with the focus of the programme always on "doing, not telling".


Since the first pilot, Simon and his team have refined and delivered two to three programmes a year for leaders and managers as the company has grown from strength to strength with a 400% increase in turnover and increased customer retention (which is particularly difficult in the FM industry). Through the programme, they unlocked the potential within their teams, and deliver value according to the client – thus increasing the value of their business. 

Further to the results of the leadership and management development programmes, Simon and the client have forged a trusted, highly-effective working partnership. The clients calls upon Simon as a trusted advisor and he is currently working in other areas of the business to further drive outstanding performance and growth from their people and business.